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10 reasons why we chose to develop on a CMS (content management system)



Some of the biggest, most visible, and highest-trafficked sites in the world run on Drupal, Wordpress or other frameworks, including,, and The Weather Channel.  Drupal has proven itself on websites with over 1million pages and over 20,000 requests per second.  You cannot “outgrow” Drupal but can continually add new content/features to your enterprise website.


A big part of a marketing strategy is content creation, it is important that marketers are easily able to add new pieces to their website.  A CMS allows marketers to quickly add blog posts, videos, and landing pages to their website by filling out a “form” with all of the relevant information and then publishing it or review the content before publishing it.


Every major marketing automation platform has a custom module created for easy integration, like Salesforce. 


A planned workflow is the underpinning of every efficient business process.  Whether a business is processing leads, updating a web page, evaluating a capital purchase, or approving new hires, certain actions must take place in order for the function to be completed.  Workflow involves the passing of content between people in a chain that abide by a predefined set of rules.


Fully integrate content, community, and commerce in a single platform.  If you are staying competitive, you have likely made a significant investment in creating a dynamic website that really tells the story of your brand and what you have to offer.  Your website can help you transform a static website that allows you to deliver content targeted specifically to your different kinds of content.


As open-source software, the platform has no license fees, it is free for you to download, modify, etc. Which means your marketing budget goes towards the things that make your site unique, not towards fees for large software companies.


When building a website, the amount of coding required to maintain or build the site is up to you.  A full-featured site can be built fulfilling many business requirements with point and click ease.  For “non-coding” marketers, a CMS allows you to go into each page and easily edit the content while still maintaining the consistency of your brand (without the need to know HTML or CSS).


When a business chooses a CMS, a vast community of support becomes available. Whether it be extensive project issue queues, thousands of worldwide meet-ups and shows, or IRC channels, the chances are the problem encountered has been faced before, documented, and has a community willing to help you solve it.


You have control over everything you need to optimize your website for search engines.  That includes custom page titles, META descriptions, URLs, copy, and it plays well with Google Analytics.


When deciding on a software solution for your company's digital needs, security is often one of the top concerns.  Open source software, like Drupal or Wordpress, has the added bonus of having thousands of talented individuals work on a particular problem.  With entire teams and methodology devoted to ensuring its steadfast reputation as a secure CMS.  What passes today as secure code may not stay the same tomorrow when new vulnerabilities surface.  Drupal and Wordpress are in an active state of safeguarding against attacks, both past and present.


Mobile friendly based on a Responsive Design

Responsive design is an approach to web page creation.  The goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

In 2015:

  • 60% of Internet Access Is Mostly Mobile
  • 90% of adults in the U.S. have a cell phone
  • Of that 90% of cell phone owners, 58% have a smartphone
  • 32% of adults in the U.S. own an e-reader
  • 42% of adults in the U.S. own a tablet computer


Call to action

A call-to-action (CTA) is an instruction to the visitor to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as “call now” or “find out more”.

After spending a lot of effort putting up a website and promoting it and getting visitors to it the last thing you want is for that visitor to leave without establishing some connection with him or her. Today there are billions of Web pages.  Will that visitor ever find your website again?  Have you given that visitor some means to remember your business?  Have you taken a step, even a small one like a newsletter signup, to stay in contact with that visitor?

While some B2B websites have direct commerce on them, more than likely a B2B website does not expect visitors to buy something online on the first visit.  Rather, the goal is to establish a connection with interested Web visitors.  Later on you try to turn those visitors into marketing leads and customers.

That usually means getting visitors to voluntarily give you their personal information, hence, a call to action. By giving you their information, visitors are giving you permission to communicate with them.  From there you can begin to develop a relationship.

The vast majority of B2B small businesses do not make it easy for their sites to be found in the first place, or for visitors to contact them or stay in touch:

  • 56% of B2B small business websites do not use meta descriptions that show up in search results and could help draw visitors into the website
  • 87% do not do anything to make their “contact us” option stand out
  • 82% do not bother to even list their social media profiles


Landing pages

Simply put, a landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on.  However, when discussing landing pages within the realm of marketing and advertising, it is more common to refer to a landing page as being a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective.

This means that your landing page(s) should have no global navigation to tie it to your primary website. The main reason for this is to limit the options available to your visitors, helping to guide them toward your intended conversion goal.


Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead generation landing pages are used to capture user data, such as contact information.  The sole purpose of the page is to collect information that will allow you to market to and connect with the prospect at a later time.  A lead capture page will contain a form along with a description of what you will get in return for submitting your personal data.

There are many uses for lead generation landing pages, some example uses and the items given to the user are listed below:

  • Ebook or white paper
  • Webinar registration
  • Consultation for professional services
  • Discount coupon/voucher
  • Free trial
  • Notification of a future product launch

The length of your form and the level of personal data requested can have a direct impact on conversion. Try to ask for the absolute minimum amount of information that will enable you to market to your prospects effectively.

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1502Google Chrome bloque les publicités intrusives à partir du 15 février !

Bonne nouvelle pour tous les utilisateurs du web, qui aiment consulter un site web et lire un contenu tranquillement ! 
A partir du 15 février, Google Chrome met en place son « adblock » et soulage les Internautes des intrusions publicitaires les plus pénibles, en bloquant notamment les pop-up, les sticky ads de grande taille et les video ads en auto-play.